Antonio Pacheco is digital preservationist focused on the future of the historic built environment.

Trained as an architect, Antonio views preservation as a form of design and seeks to engage with the built environment in a way that centers on recasting existing buildings and structures for their experiential—as well as historical—qualities.

Antonio is the director of Pershing Square Preserve, a landscape-based digital nature preserve encapsulating Pershing Square park in Los Angeles. Using photogrammetry, LiDar and high-resolution texture mapping approaches, Pershing Square Preserve will allow the park to exist virtually anywhere in perpetuity.

Antonio has written extensively on the legacies of late modern and postmodern architecture, including particular focuses on the works of Lawrence Halprin, William Pereira, Denise Scott Brown and Robert Venturi, and Jon Jerde in a variety of publications, including The Architect’s Newspaper, Art Net, Creators Project (VICE), and Preservation in Print.